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Cortney Weinbaum

National Security Researcher

RAND Corporation

District of Columbia


Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity Government Military National Security Open Source Policy Privacy

Cortney Weinbaum is a management scientist at the RAND Corporation. She specializes in intelligence and cyber topics, and she has worked with the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense to improve policies, practices, and technologies. She has improved analytic and collection tradecraft; identified emerging technologies and their impact on special operations, weapons of mass destruction, and intelligence; and facilitated strategic planning with senior executive leadership teams. She studies the implications of cyber security and artificial intelligence in government and society. She has facilitated cross-discipline teams to apply structured analytic techniques to intractable intelligence topics, and she has applied wargaming and scenario-based planning against both operational and enterprise topics. Weinbaum led two teams to receive the Director of National Intelligence's Meritorious Unit Citation for advancing the IC's knowledge of two intractable intelligence topics.

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Keywords: national security, policy, cybersecurity, cyber security, artificial intelligence, wmd, intelligence, military