Sourcelist is a database of qualified experts in technology policy from diverse backgrounds. It is built on the principle that technology policy stands to benefit from the inclusion of the ideas, perspectives, and recommendations of a broader array of people. Its purpose is to aid journalists, conference organizers, and others in identifying and connecting with expert sources beyond those in their existing Rolodexes.

Women+ is the first Sourcelist database. Women and underrepresented genders in technology policy—a field at the intersection of Silicon Valley and the Washington Beltway—face a particular set of institutional barriers. These issues have not gone unnoticed and countless organizations have made important progress in raising awareness of the issue and educating stakeholders on the importance of greater gender diversity. Sourcelist seeks to help in the last mile of those efforts; it is a resource for those looking to put good intention into practice.

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Sourcelist: Women+ is intended to capture the full range of underrepresented genders, women plus LGBTTQQIAAP and more. Women+ does not mean “women or”—further identifications are meant to be inclusive and there is not necessarily a difference between women and other groups (some of whom include individuals who also identify as women). The technology policy conversation benefits from a broader range of gender voices. If you feel you belong on this list, you do.


Sourcelist uses user-submitted information to create profiles for people who want to be listed with other experts in a central, easy-to-find place. Users who want to be added must simply complete the form available here. Anyone who meets the criteria for a particular database is eligible to be listed. Sourcelist does not select who appears on the website nor does it endorse the credentials or expertise of the individuals listed. However, Sourcelist does check to ascertain (to the best of our ability) that a submitted expert is in fact a real person prior to being listed. New profiles are posted to the site approximately once per week.

Sourcelist is managed by a team of volunteers who believe in the power of diversity to improve the discourse around technology policy. We will make every effort to respond to all requests in a timely manner.


We built Sourcelist so that users don’t have yet another platform to sign into. Thus, there is no log in system and no password to remember. If you decide you want to remove your profile or make a modification to your information, just fill out the form below and your request will be handled by a member of the Sourcelist team as soon as possible.

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