Women+ in Tech Policy

Women+ is the first Sourcelist database. Women and underrepresented genders in technology policy—a field at the intersection of Silicon Valley and the Washington Beltway—face a particular set of institutional barriers. These issues have not gone unnoticed and countless organizations have made important progress in raising awareness of the issue and educating stakeholders on the importance of greater gender diversity. Sourcelist is an open directory that seeks to help in the last mile of those efforts; it is a resource for those looking to put good intention into practice. Not on the list? Add your name here.

You need more diverse experts in technology policy. That includes Women+. Sourcelist has them.

Who Can Sign Up

Sourcelist is open to anyone who is a professional in a field related to technology policy.

To be listed on Sourcelist, please complete the form available here. Sourcelist does not select who appears on the website nor does it endorse the credentials or expertise of the individuals listed. If you professionally work in a technology policy field and believe journalists, conference organizers, and others would benefit from your expertise, this is the place for you.

Please only submit your own name to Sourcelist. This will help us ensure that only those interested in appearing on Sourcelist will be listed and that the information submitted is accurate.