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Roberta Trachtman


The Allenwood Company, LLC

New York


Education Research

Roberta Trachtman, Ed.D. I lead the Allenwood Company, a consulting, research, and product-development organization that provides asynchronous online professional development to teachers and administrators. The Allenwood Company offers professional services and resources to empower K-12 educators to work with students in technology-enabled learning and teaching environment.

We currently offer online courses that support teachers and administrators who are interested in learning how to use technology to teach their peers and to meet the needs of struggling EL learners and students with disabilities. Our professional development is relevant, research-based, and provides participants with easily implemented practices. Our courses provide participants with microcredentials that are portable and accessible to future employers.

Our team also designs impact evaluations that focus on using existing data to test and adjust specific program practices or strategies. The approach is highly valued in educational organizations intent on investing in technology integration. We help clients quickly determine how well a practice is working for a specific set of individuals within a given context and under specific conditions.

Keywords: educational impact evaluation, online learning, microcredentials, professional development