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Sofia Ranchordas

Professor of Law

University of Groningen, Faculty of Law

The Netherlands


Government Information Technology International Policy Law Legislation Policy Research

Sofia Ranchordás is a Professor of European and Comparative Public Law and a Rosalind Franklin Fellow at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and an Affiliated Fellow of Information Society Project at Yale Law School. Her research delves into the relationship between public and private bodies and the role of technology therein, the regulation of the peer-to-peer networks, online reputational systems, digital participation and democratic legitimacy, and smart cities. Her scholarship includes a book on experimental legislation, a book on administrative discretion, and a number of articles published in international peer-reviewed and U.S. law journals on law and technology. She has held previous teaching positions at Leiden University and Tilburg University. She is the recipient of both national and international research grants.

Keywords: social media, digital participation, peer-to-peer networks, blockchain, innovation policy