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Sharon Polsky


Privacy & Access Council of Canada



Cybersecurity Law Policy Privacy

Sharon Polsky MAPP is President of, President of the Privacy and Access Council of Canada, and a Privacy by Design Ambassador with more than 30 years’ experience advising corporations, governments and organizations about privacy and access implications, and about the unintended consequences of emerging laws, technologies and global trends. She is also a director of the Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association and Editor‑in‑Chief of The Winston Report, the foremost quarterly journal of information access, privacy protection and data governance in Canada.

Ms. Polsky has been described as a woman who is passionate about privacy and access, and a visionary who connects dots that others don’t even see. She serves on several national advisory boards, has spoken before Senate Committees, authored and published numerous articles and submissions, and is highly sought-after by media and conference organizers.

Keywords: privacy, cyber, risk, law, technology, PbD, GDPR, compliance, data, protection, governance