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Chloé Messdaghi

Senior Marketing Manager



Consumer Technology Cybersecurity Education Government Information Technology International Policy Policy Research

Chloé is a Humanitarian Advocate in the Cybersecurity space. She’s serious about cybersecurity needing to be seen as a human rights issue. Data breaches don’t just impact companies, but governments, environments, and people. This can adversely affect lives of the most vulnerable persons as well. Along with a background in technology, education, policy, and international relief for-profit and nonprofit organizations in thought leadership, consulting, research, strategy, marketing, funding and impact investing, she holds a Master of Science in Politics and International Relations Research degree from the University of Edinburgh.

Her current and previous humanitarian work includes advising as a UN Volunteer and serves as a board member for several humanitarian organizations, including RUDEC in Cameroon, Bridges of Sports in India, WhatIf Foundation in Haiti, and Simuka Africa in Zimbabwe. These nonprofits’ missions are to advocate for children’s rights and equality. In her free time, travels the world, humanitarian speaker, mentors women of all ages in the cybersecurity space, volunteers locally or abroad, and runs an integrated digital media non-profit, Drop Labels, that tackles stereotypes and labeling via storytelling.