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Catherine Lotrionte

Scowcroft Scholar

Atlantic Council

District of Columbia


Cybersecurity Government International Policy Law National Security Policy

Dr. Catherine Lotrionte is a Brent Scowcroft scholar at the Atlantic Council and the founder of the CyberProject at Georgetown University, where she has taught and written on international and national security law, international affairs and technology. At Georgetown she founded the CyberProject in 2008, focusing on the role of international and domestic law in recent and emerging developments in the proliferation of weapons, technology and threats. She previously served as Counsel to the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, on the Joint Inquiry Committee of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, as an Assistant General Counsel at the CIA and in the U.S. DOJ. She is an internationally recognized expert on international law and cyber conflict and has testified before Congress and NATO on cyber issues. She has authored numerous publications on a broad array of topics, including espionage, information technology, international law, and deterrence.