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Rebecca Lipman

Assistant Corporation Counsel

New York City Law Department

New York


Artificial Intelligence Consumer Technology Government Law Legislation Policy Privacy Research

Rebecca Lipman is an attorney who specializes in privacy law. She has published pieces about the intersection of technology and privacy in the Harvard Law and Policy Review and in the Penn State Law Review, and she will publish a new article on the Fourth Amendment in the George Mason Law Review later in 2018.

Rebecca graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School. While in law school, Rebecca worked on privacy law issues with former Deputy U.S. Attorney General Philip Heymann, the General Counsel of a research laboratory that develops new surveillance technologies, and the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

Rebecca Lipman is currently an attorney with the New York City Law Department. She advises Mayor de Blasio's office and city agencies on a variety of policy areas, including the City's drone policy, the privacy policy for the City's wi-fi kiosks, and a first-in-the-nation law creating a task force to study the public impact of algorithmic decision-making.

Keywords: Fourth Amendment, privacy, legislation, local government