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Rebecca Hamilton

Assistant Professor of Law

American University, Washington College of Law

District of Columbia


International Policy Journalism Law Military National Security Policy Research

Rebecca Hamilton is an Assistant Professor of Law at American University. Her research and teaching focus on national security law, international law, and criminal law. Her scholarship draws on her experience prosecuting genocide and war crimes, as well as her work in conflict zones as a foreign correspondent. She is the author of Fighting for Darfur, which analyzes citizen activism and the effort to stop mass atrocities.

Hamilton previously served as a lawyer in the prosecutorial division of the International Criminal Court and has worked in the Appeals Chamber of the ICTY. Prior to entering academia Hamilton worked as a journalist for the Washington Post and Reuters. A Pulitzer Center grantee, and former fellow at New America and at Open Society, she has written for outlets including Foreign Affairs, The New Yorker, Foreign Policy, The Atlantic, and The New Republic, and has appeared on PBS Newshour, NPR, and the BBC.

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Keywords: user-generated evidence, smartphone evidence, international law, international crimes, war crimes, national security, atrocity prevention, Sudan, online news