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Jane Frankland

Managing Director

United Kingdom



Jane is a best-selling author, speaker and award-winning entrepreneur. She is the founder of a private membership and training firm, which specialises in soft skills and entrepreneurism for cybersecurity leaders at all levels. She is named as the 3rd most influential person in cyber security in the UK, and the Cyber Security Awards Diversity Champion. With 20-years' industry experience, she has built and sold her own global hacking firm and held executive positions at renowned consultancies. Over the years she has launched, created and been actively involved in leading accreditations, forums, and schemes. She currently serves as a C-level advisor and awards judge in Europe and the USA. She has a large following, authors many articles, is regularly featured in industry and iconic British media, and is sought after as an international keynote speaker. She is now on tour with her book, IN Security: How a failure to attract and retain women in cyber security is making us all less safe.

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Keywords: cybersecurity, top influencer, author, entrepreneur, c-level advisor