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Camille Fischer

Frank Stanton Fellow

Electronic Frontier Foundation



Consumer Technology Cryptography Free Speech Government International Policy Law Legislation Litigation National Security Policy Privacy

Camille Fischer is currently a free speech litigation fellow at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, focusing on government censorship of online speech and international law enforcement cooperation. Previously, she was a Tech Policy Fellow with the Mozilla Foundation, where she hosted a closed-door Crypto Colloquium on the problems surrounding exceptional access, attended by former Obama Administration policy experts. In the Obama White House, Camille led tech policy initiatives for the National Economic Council to increase the security in consumer technologies as well as represent the consumer voice in issues of national security. Camille was a Presidential Management Fellow with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and graduated from Georgetown Law.

Keywords: MLAT, USUK, cross-border treaties, law enforcement access, CLOUD Act, surveillance, ECPA, 702, crypto, encryption, privacy legislation, BuySecure, CyberSecurity National Action Plan