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Katie Fallow

Senior Staff Attorney

Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University

New York


Free Speech Law

Katie is a senior attorney at the Knight First Amendment Institute, an advocacy and research organization dedicated to defending and strengthening free speech in the digital age. Katie litigates, and speaks publicly about, issues related to social media and the First Amendment. Until 2013, she was a partner at Jenner & Block, where she represented video game makers in a long line of challenges to government restrictions on video games, culminating in the Supreme Court’s landmark case of EMA v. Brown. She also defended media clients against defamation claims, and filed numerous merits and amicus briefs in the Supreme Court on free speech issues. In 2014 Katie was deputy director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the Federal Trade Commission. She holds degrees from Harvard Law School and University of California at Berkeley.

Keywords: free speech, First Amendment, law