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Joann DiGennaro


Center for Excellence in Education



Education Policy

Joann DiGennaro established the Center for Excellence in Education (CEE) ( with the late Admiral H.G. Rickover in 1983 to nurture high school and university scholars to careers of excellence and leadership in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), and to promote collaboration among scientific and technological leaders in the global community. DiGennaro is responsible for all international and cultural exchanges of talented math and science students between the Center and other nations. She was named by U.S. News and STEMConnector as one of 100 Top U.S. Women Leaders in STEM. DiGennaro received her BS Degree from Purdue University, an MS from the University of Maryland. She read the law at Oxford University and received a law degree from George Mason University. She is the author of Scholarships and Fellowships for Math and Science Students and "Science Literacy: Essential for Decision Making" (Harvard University’s Program for Information Policy Studies).

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Keywords: STEM education, STEAM, science literacy, education and policy trends, talent acquisition, women in leadership, education and global competitiveness, U.S. and Chinese educational systems.