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Florence Castro

Co-Founder and Principal

Artificial Intelligence sand Machine Learning



Artificial Intelligence Information Technology Litigation Software Development

Currently, Flo Castro is a co-founder and Principal at Sentiment Technologies where she developed a machine-learning product that can take in 'Big Data' to establish the predictive nature of certain social media on corporate and stock market performance (AlphaSignal). This product that is about to be licensed overseas, in London and Singapore. She has acted in an executive capacity in the Finance, Digital, and Broadcast space for over 15 years, where her focus has been the creation of large-scale products and services. Previously, Flo was VP of Advanced Analytics at Tegna for its Digital Marketing Ventures entity, she was also appointed as its Chair of the global Analytics Council. Prior to Tegna, Flo served as Chief Strategy Officer to Globonix, a Business Intelligence software firm where she focused activities on the clients that best matched capabilities of the firm.

Keywords: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Internet of Things, Search Engine Technology, eDiscovery, Fraud Detection, Anomaly Detection, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Database, Advanced Analytics, Business Analytics