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Dr. Renee Carr

Political & Corporate Advisor, Psychologist

The Problem Solver, LLC

District of Columbia


Ethics Free Speech Government Human Rights Policy Research

Dr. ReneƩ Carr is the trusted confidant to elected officials and CEOs. She provides strategy and support to high-profile leaders for political, business, and personal matters; and specializes in solutions for high stakes, high level, and high impact matters.

With expertise in human thinking, behaviors, emotions, and communications, Dr. Carr advises political leaders on the solutions to improve their governments, economy, and impact on citizens. She provides insight on the likelihood of future events, how to prevent problems, and solutions for current problems or crises.

Dr. Carr helps CEOs remove barriers to higher success; and rebuild or transform corporations.

She is frequently consulted for expert opinion and understanding, and provides commentary for a variety of current events and topics including local and national tragedies; unfavorably publicized events of high-profile persons; and provides expert testimony in high-profile legal cases.

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Keywords: politics, elections, government, business, corporations, justice, reform, inequity, change, transform, behavior, psychology, persuasion, influence, expert, media, communications, understanding, personality