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Briana Brownell

Founder and CEO

Pure Strategy Inc.



Artificial Intelligence Computer Science Intellectual Property Mathematics Research

Briana Brownell is founder and CEO of Pure Strategy Inc., a technology company whose platform gives enterprises insight from data using AI so they can act faster on customer experience trends and emerging issues. She founded Pure Strategy after ten years as a data scientist in the marketing research and finance industries and is a frequent keynote speaker on both technical and business topics including AI, data science, and machine learning. She has lead advanced analytical data projects with top tier companies in pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, banking, insurance, utilities, and retail, among many others.

Her specialty is in unsupervised learning where she has created methodology used globally by research teams and Fortune 500 companies, most notably methods to apply unsupervised learning methods to longitudinal data so that organizations can accurately track changes in data with minimal data collection costs.

Keywords: AI, machine learning, artificial intelligence, unsupervised learning, data science, big data, analytics