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Katelyn Bowden

Founder and CEO

BADASS (Battling Against Demeaning and Abusive Selfie Sharing)



Consumer Technology Cybersecurity Education Information Technology Intellectual Property Legislation Open Source Privacy Research

BADASS is a movement created by Katelyn Bowden in August of 2017, working to provide revenge porn victims with the tools they need to become their own advocates, protect themselves, and fight back against the practice. We attack revenge porn and image abuse from all angles- education, legislation, and program development. We work with police to ensure they are up to date on the platforms used to share images without consent, and educators to help teach students about the legalities and trauma involved with sharing pictures. We are a completely intersectional volunteer organization, made up of revenge porn victims working together to support one another and ensure that no one has to experience the victimization that we went through.

Keywords: Revenge porn, porn, nudes, dmca, women, victim, volunteer, grassroots, development, infosec, privacy, consent