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Vian Bakir

Professor in Journalism and Political Communication

Bangor University



Artificial Intelligence Journalism National Security Research

Vian investigates: surveillance of data; the security state and public accountability; and disinformation and deception in journalism. She has recently advised the UK Parliament’s Fake News & Disinformation Inquiry (2017-19); the UK House of Lords Data and Democracy Select Committee (2019); and the UK’s National Union of Journalists to prepare guidance for journalists seeking to avoid surveillance by the security state. Her monographs include: Intelligence Elites and Public Accountability (2018); Torture, Intelligence and Sousveillance in the War on Terror (2016); Sousveillance, Media and Strategic Political Communication: Iraq, USA, UK (2010). Her current funded research is on the implications of emotional AI (i.e. AI the pertains to read human emotions) for civic discourse. See:

Keywords: emotional AI disinformation fake news