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Atiya Avery

NSF Research Fellow (Electronic Security and Privacy)

University of Illinois at Chicago



Cybersecurity Education Information Technology Policy Privacy Research

Hi, there and thanks for visiting my Linkedin page! I am currently a doctoral candidate at UIC in the Department of Information & Decision Sciences and a National Science Foundation Research Fellow working as a member of UIC’s multidisciplinary electronic security and privacy program referred to as “IGERT”. During my time at UIC I have also been a Teaching Assistant/Instructor for 10 courses in the IDS Department, encompassing over 500 undergraduate and graduate students. I also have had the opportunity to work on a number of notable research projects where I was first author, including the development of a labor sourcing model which was recently used in a presentation to a group of renowned HR executives; a thought paper on “Analytics Governance” which has been downloaded over 850 times; and a research paper under 2nd round review in a top MIS journal, where my co-author and I utilize publicly available search engine data to measure social influence and the prevalence of homophily within 40 research communities, this study extends research on unconscious bias and the “formation, detection, and evolution” of communities within networks.

My most important work is my dissertation, which is funded through UIC’s NSF IGERT program and focuses on understanding and quantifying, in very specific terms, the relationship among the various types of IT security breaches, organizational response tactics, and the ensuing negative outcomes organizations. The intent of the research is to help organizations develop managerial tactics to enhance organizational sustainability and resiliency not if but when a breach event strikes them.

When I am not working on my dissertation or research projects, I am shoring up my tangible skillsets for an industry role and have an interest at the moment in data science and (secure) cloud architectures. Any questions, feel free to contact me, I would love to chat!


Keywords: Work, Labor, Policy, Governance, Analytics, Cybersecurity, Information Security, Risk Management