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Ashley Baker

Director of Public Policy

Committee for Justice

District of Columbia


Artificial Intelligence Free Speech Government Legislation Policy Privacy Research

Ashley Baker is the director of public policy at the Committee for Justice. Her areas of expertise include technology policy, regulatory reform, the Supreme Court, online free speech, judicial nominations, and constitutional law. Her writing has appeared in Fox News, The Hill, RealClearPolitics, The Daily Caller, The American Spectator, Inside Sources, and elsewhere. She is a contributor at the Federalist Society and on several blogs. Ashley's major areas of focus during the past year have included data privacy regulations, European Union regulations, artificial intelligence, regulatory enforcement, the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, lower court and agency nominations, and Supreme Court cases related to technology and administrative law. Ashley also serves as policy advisor to the Government Blockchain Association where she analyzes virtual currency regulations and legislation.

Keywords: Supreme Court, regulation, regulatory reform, blockchain, virtual currency, cryptocurrency, antitrust, administrative law, conservative, judiciary, European Union, GDPR, EU, data governance, Section 230, emerging technologies