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Dr Anna Marazuela Kim

Cultural-creative consultant and critic, Associate Fellow

Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture (Univ. of Virginia); King's College London

United Kingdom


Consumer Technology Education Information Technology International Policy Military National Security

My expertise in technology emerges from nearly a decade as a member of Institutes of Advanced Study and international, interdisciplinary research groups in the U.S. Europe and the U.K. advancing critical inquiry in this field. As an art historian with training in the history of ideas/innovation and philosophy, I am particularly interested in issues with deep histories which are currently deeply affecting society, such the ethical challenges of technology for human sociality and thriving, and the role of image wars and worlds in terrorism and international conflict. A published author, frequent public speaker and consultant, I bring academic expertise to bear on issues of critical, contemporary concern, and am committed to reaching a wide variety of audiences, beyond academia. I therefore welcome the opportunity to share my expertise on this platform and beyond.

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Keywords: ethics, image worlds, enchantment, technology, conflict, terrorism